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What is Bar Graph?

Bar Graph Maker

A bar graph is a visual representation of data that consists of horizontal bars that are labeled with the names of the categories or values in the data. It is one of the most common ways to represent and compare data. Bar graphs are used to compare different categories and make comparisons between them. They are also often used to show trends in data. For example, if you were to make a bar graph of the monthly sales for a product, you would show the sales for each month in the graph.

What is our Bar Graph Maker?

Bar Graph Maker is free and offers a variety of different graph styles which can be selected individually. Bar Graph is designed for creating infographics for social media and for building data visualizations for presentations.

Applications of Bar Graph

Bar graphs are used to show changes in quantities of data over time, and can be used to illustrate a trend, distribution, or other statistical information. They can also be used to compare two sets of data.