Ankit Chaurasia

Web Developer and Data Analyst
Hi There, I am Ankit Chaurasia, working as a Full Stack Web Developer. I mostly talk about Statistics, Machine Learning, and Web Development. SEO, Marketing, Cloud Computing, and Deep Learning are the topics I am most interested in.
Ankit Chaurasia
About Me

My Web Development journey began when I was in 11th grade and learned HTML, CSS, and frontend JavaScript. This sparked my interest in web development, and I started experimenting with building my own websites.

As I gained more experience, I began to explore the backend of web development and learned PHP. I used this knowledge to create dynamic sites that could interact with databases and change their content based on user input.

However, as I continued to learn and grow as a developer, I realized that PHP was not the best fit for my goals. So, I decided to switch to Node.js, which offered a more modern and flexible approach to backend development.

As I became more familiar with Node.js, I began to learn about the MERN stack and the benefits of using React for frontend development. I spent some time learning React and building projects with it, and I quickly saw the value of this powerful JavaScript library.

Recently, I have been focusing on improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of my websites, and I have learned about the benefits of using Next.js for this purpose. I have been using Next.js to build websites that are optimized for SEO and deliver a seamless user experience.

As a coding enthusiast with a passion for data, I decided to pursue a career in data science in 2021. I enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at Mithibai College. I have to make daily commute from Kalyan to Vile Parle via local train to attend my classes.

However, I quickly realized that the college curriculum was not keeping pace with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. So, I took matters into my own hands and started learning on my own. I focused on strengthening my basic statistics skills, covering topics such as probability, statistical inference, and hypothesis testing.

In addition to my studies, I also learned about the mathematics that is fundamental to data science, including linear algebra, calculus, and discrete math. As I learned these concepts, I applied them to a variety of projects, including an email spam classifier, a sentiment analysis tool, and an anime recommendation system.

Overall, my journey in data science and as a web developer has been one of continuous learning and growth. I am excited to bring my coding skills and data-driven approach to new challenges and continue exploring new technologies and techniques.

My Journey So Far...
2020 - Started my journey as a Web Developer
Learned Basics of Web Development
Did Some Projects. Learned React and Next.js
Also tried my hands on Cloud Platform
Gained Knowledge about Search Engines and Google Ranking Algorithms
CSS Frameworks
Started Learning Statistics, Data Science and ML basics
2023 - Goals
2024 - Graduation
Graduation from Mithibai College
Job Hunting | Business | Start Ups

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